Color story - Stop motion film    view it on vimeo
Crash - How to solve out your problem and leave them there    view it on YouTube
Last meal - To nurse the persone how raised me
Nitzanim - This is the second date, Will it work out for these two?    view it on vimeo
Scarecrow - The scarecrow tired of driving out the crows, He just want to play    view it on YouTube
The plane - We take from nature and bring it back, But can he compete with it?    view it on YouTube
Urban water - Our water    view it on Vimeo
Wake-up - Homage for Jackass    view it on YouTube
Hafifi - Stop motion funny film    view it on YouTube
Dance - Stop motion, well i'm too shy for this one..,    :)
Wasp and winnie - classic animation about duel, soon on vimeo
Color story